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Putting Golf Studio uses the Sam PuttLab system. This ultra-high precision tool of analysis permits real time observation of the many parameters that determine the precision and constancy of your putting. The results are displayed in the form of figures and graphs in a clear and easy to understand report.

The video analysis is an essential complement to the understanding and performance of your movement. Putting Golf Studio is equipped with cameras and computer programmes that analyse your starting position and motion.

Putting Golf Studio also has a superb Putting Green with an area of ​​150m2 illuminated with slopes and speed adapted to work reading the green, the strategy and the management of distances.


Putting Golf Studio offers the best tools for a complete fitting. All your putter parameters (shaft length, lie, loft, etc.) are analysed, adjusted if necessary, then tested on our putting surface.

To improve your putting results it is crucial to use a putter that suits you and is adapted to your morphology!


At Putting Golf Studio the service and advice of professionals is always on hand.

We propose a wide range of top class clubs that you can test by adapting the technical characteristics to your needs.

Putting Golf Studio guarantees a putter that will meet your expectations !!